Marble machine

This project is a playful use of form and mechanism. It was the final piece of a roughly 30-foot-long Rube Goldberg machine that was the final product of a foam core modeling course. Each student contributed several feet, coordinating with our peers to keep the motion continuous from one piece to the next.


This camera is intended to be a simplistic replica of a vintage camera brought in by the professor. Any integral design feature needed some representation. I chose to recreate the signature curve of the back end of the camera and angled fillet on the top, as well as the mechanisms of the film scroller (on the side) and the collapsable viewfinder (on the top).

Mechanism studies

The following mechanism board was a study in creating various mechanisms and writing code to support the related actions. Here, code directly controls the actions of two motors, while the user controls a third motor and lights by means of a dial and further code.