a little time capsule

There's a lot to hate about the internet (constant distraction, lack of privacy, too much information about whichever distant relative just got on Facebook), but one thing I always love is that it's a kind of living time capsule. I just happened to scroll all the way down my YouTube channel and rediscovered an animation I made for a class a few years ago!

It's not especially advanced, but it was a great exercise and I'm pretty happy with the final product. (Especially since it loops nicely.) Always pleasant to be reminded of old projects you're still proud of!

falling in love

For the past week I've been in sunny, beautiful Seattle (very little rain, surprisingly!) with my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law. Obviously my siblings are my favorite things about this city (well, maybe top 5), but I can't help but geek out about all the loveliness of Seattle. First of all, it's water-adjacent, which I think is a selling point for any city. Second, you can hardly go two blocks without finding some amazing coffee. And third, and I cannot stress how big of a draw this is for me, there are wild blackberry bushes EVERYWHERE.

So it should be all the more impressive when I tell you that I finally found a worthy contender for my city-love: Portland. As Seattle is kind of a smaller, cozier San Francisco, so Portland is a smaller, calmer version of Seattle. And I'm in love all over again.

little dudes

I was just cruising through some old pictures and I uncovered a long-lost page of little sketches I did for a class -- we were asked to generate a simple visual language that we could use to communicate ideas. The professor called it napkin sketching, but I still call them "my little dudes". I love being able to big up things like this!


looks like a busy semester

Looks like no messing around this semester! We've got several different group projects already underway by week 2, including the capstone project. One of the great things about the MII-PS program is that we spend an entire semester working on a project for a real client! There's a really wide range of projects this year, so watching everyone puzzle through their projects in studio has been fascinating.

As for me, I have the great pleasure of working with Opus Mach to improve the loading and unloading of commercial trucks. We're still solidly in the research stage, but I can't wait to see where this takes us!

getting back to work

Now that everyone is back from the holidays, we are excited to get back in the saddle with Alex the Plane! Last semester we took the project from a vague idea (a location-based micro-mapping game to keep children entertained in the airport) to a fleshed out concept. Over the break we began discussing the next steps to take the game from concept to a viable product. How do we develop an entertaining storyline and compelling characters? What do we need to develop in order to get useful feedback from potential users? I can't wait to find out!