falling in love

For the past week I've been in sunny, beautiful Seattle (very little rain, surprisingly!) with my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law. Obviously my siblings are my favorite things about this city (well, maybe top 5), but I can't help but geek out about all the loveliness of Seattle. First of all, it's water-adjacent, which I think is a selling point for any city. Second, you can hardly go two blocks without finding some amazing coffee. And third, and I cannot stress how big of a draw this is for me, there are wild blackberry bushes EVERYWHERE.

So it should be all the more impressive when I tell you that I finally found a worthy contender for my city-love: Portland. As Seattle is kind of a smaller, cozier San Francisco, so Portland is a smaller, calmer version of Seattle. And I'm in love all over again.